Let's see those setups!

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I was taking pictures of my PC setup for Corsair's forum when I got some more inspiration. If you like, let's see your setups that you play The Long Dark and other games on. Lets see those laptop and console setups too ^_^ 

My PC Setup (Please excuse my messy desk :$ if only I was organized like I am in The Long Dark LOL :D)

Monitor: 24" Asus VG248

CPU: Intel I5



Keyboard: Corsair K70

Mouse: Steelseries Rival 650

Headset: Corsair Void Pro Elite in carbon.





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Possibly the jankiest setup ever...

CPU: Intel i7 4790k
Monitor: Some random Samsung 4K TV
Secondary display: 1080P 21" HP monitor
Tertiary display: Any of a billion virtual displays rendered in VR via the Index.
16GB System RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti (and yes I'm aware of the bottleneck with pancake displays, I primarily use it for VR so the bottleneck is practically nullified.)
Keyboard: Some red backlit Corsair deal. Got volume on a dial which is fun.
Mouse: Amazon Basics
Headset: That Valve Index again.
Chair: Cat damage. Lots of cat damage.

Those two laptops on my desk are for work. When I'm on the clock my primary and secondary displays are used with them. When I'm off the clock, it's game on.


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