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OK, I will not go into the details of another run. Just wanted to report that I got the elusive Pacifist achievement on Stalker on my next run, basically Pacifist run IV. Also got the "Waste Not, Want Not" achievement in the process.

I can now confirm that - at least in v200 - killing a wolf in hand combat, even if provoked, does not prevent you from getting the Pacifist achievement. I just do not seem able to avoid getting into a fight with wolves earlier or later when constantly trying to steal deer meat away from under their noses at Mystery Lake and around the Camp Office. This time, I think it was around day 5 or 6 (again). I just continued this time, also got me a Wolfskin Jacket - if you stab one, I thought, you might as well stab more. Also cleared the dam after that and integrated Fluffy into the jacket.

I am now into day 26, having cleared more or less all of Mystery Lake, but did not venture to Coastal Highway yet. Set up camp in, well, Camp Office, and have a decent amount of everything I need there for the time being. Now that I have the Pacifist achievement, I can start ice fishing and catching rabbits and will still be able to get the Silent Hunter achievement. Got a rifle and plenty of bullets, but will not use it until day 50...

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On day 37, I run into problems: I had accumulated a lot of deer, wolf and rabbit meat in Camp Office. An extra pair of deerskin boots, 2 hatchets, 2 knives, extra wolf and rabbit pelts, leather without end, 20 litres of water, hardwood for many fires. The only thing I had run out of was antiseptic/lichen. Hmmm... better not get into another fight right now. Having all I needed and more (except, well, something to prevent infection), I set off bunker hunting - something I have never done before. Checked around Mystery Lake everywhere - nothing. Next day over to Clearcut. And above that - at "Lookout" - success! My first bunker ever! Seems to be the smallest type, it contains mostly food. I spend the night there.

The next morning, I carefully make my way back to clearcut, keeping an eye on the surroundings and marking the way with tinder plugs so I can find the bunker again (left everything there). Shortly before I reach the logging area, a blizzard starts. Damn! I turn around and climb the hillside again to get back into the bunker. Suddenly, right out of the raging snow storm, a wolf is upon me! Never heard it coming. I fight it off, but my clothes are now damaged, and I am getting cold really fast. Reach the bunker, but what now? Condition is 57%, infection risk 25%. I rest for a couple of hours, hoping to heal and avoid an infection. When I get back up, night is falling and the infection risk has gone up to 68%. Aha - this does not seem to be a risk indicator, but an infection counter!

I have never been infected before, so I have no idea whether an infection can be healed with antibiotics (please don't tell me here, if it happens I want to find out). What to do? I left some loot in the dam, but for the life of me can't remember whether some antiseptic was among it. Should I try to make it back there? Or run over to Logging Camp, usually a wolf trap, hoping to find antiseptic? Or just run around in hopes of finding some lichen? I have two lichen left, so one more would do the job. If only it wouldn't be getting dark just now...

I gather my stuff and courage and set out again...

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Made it! 8-)

Ran for Logging Camp in the dark with a torch in my hand. Luckily, no wolf. Entering the first trailer, I realized I had been there already quite early during this run, looting everything. No antiseptic to be had here. So once more into the fray... meaning into the night with my trusted torch in hand. Make it to the dam without incidents (rather remarkable, where are all the wolves?) and - praise Manitou - did indeed leave a bottle of antiseptic there! Using it, I manage to reduce the infection risk to 35%. Hmmm... can I get it lower still? Using antiseptic again doesn't do anything further. Neither does applying a new bandage. So I spend two days resting in the dam, and at some time the infection indicator vanishes. Survived, and now I have a little antiseptic again!

I return to Camp Office (losing 2 decoys and a flare to wolves on the way) and spend a number of days mainly eating venison which I had accumulated earlier, sleeping and foraging for wood. And then 2 achievements pop up - 50 days and Silent Hunter.

Aaand... weekend is over. Off to bed in RL and back to work tomorrow! ;)

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Thanks for the feedback! :)

I am now into day 51, the only achievement I am still missing is Exploration Game, and the one item not yet crafted is the Bearskin bedroll. Guess I will continue this run and go for those two. Now that I have Silent Hunter, I can use the rifle, and I have collected a lot of bullets.

On second thoughts, I might wait for the update before continuing. Wolf behaviour is probably getting developped further. It would be thrilling to step out again not knowing what the wolves will do... :o

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Day 75. Current base is the rabbit island in CH, and things are running smoothly. The target still is "Exploration Game", so I am making excursions from the island every now and then to discover more "indoor locations". I have been to all buildings at the road, to the two islands, to the two tiny little huts up in the hills, to the slightly bigger house above the village and to three trailers. I think I remember a fourth trailer being somewhere up in the "middle", that will be my next excursion.

In my base, I have quite a lot of everything. 20 kg of food in the fridge, tools and material in plenty. Everything is spread out on the kitchen floor for better overview - except for the food (fridge) and clothes (stashed away in the bedroom). I have another mini-base at the Quonset Gas Station and some more stuff over at ML in the dam. Found a second rifle in the fishing hut between the two islands, but left it there for the time being. Bullets: 31.

The one thing that didn't go according to plan was when I got caught in a blizzard on the road after a wolf attack. Crouched under a rocky overhang and made a fire there, waited till the wind direction had turned. Then quickly ran ahead of the wind to Log Sort and into one of the huts there.

Apart from that I also had a couple of confrontations with wolves here and there, but hey - this is CH after all.

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Pacifist run IV ended in an unpleasant way in Pleasant Valley on day 93.

As you may expect, I became careless - having survived for so long, I felt immortal. Gained the Exploration Game achievement somewhere around day 85 in CH and was now aiming for the bearskin bedroll. Never shot a bear before, so no experience there. Transferred to PV through the Abandoned Mine and understood why changing maps is now more meaningful: You need a light source to go through the mine, and it will cost you resources (in my case kerosene for the storm lantern). The mine is cool, I was worried about losing orientation and running out of lantern fuel all the time.

In PV, I stick to the road, loot the red barn and move over to the farmstead. Craft some snares and set them up around the house over night, but no luck the next morning. So I put them back into the house and transfer back to the red barn. See a wolf take down a deer near the barn, and this is where it starts - I divert from my original plan, thinking, "why not collect deer and wolf while they are there?"

The wolf jumps up from his meal earlier than expected and runs towards me in a kind of semi-circle, I miss my shot and get into a handfight. Wolf runs off bleeding, I am down to some 65% condition. Harvest the deer completely. Getting up to move on to the barn, the wolf returns. Or is it another wolf? Again, the beast does not approach me in a straight line and I fumble again with the gun. Apparently I hit the wolf, but not good enough. The melée is short and the animal drops dead on the spot. I am down to 38%, my clothes ruined.

Angry, I harvest the complete wolf and crawl to the barn, heavily encumbered. This is careless to say the least, but I am angry at the wolf and my stupidity and have become reckless. Luckily, nothing else happens, and I reach the barn. Patch up my clothes a bit, but I lack the necessary materials to really restore things to premium standard. Sleep overnight and rise back to 89%.

Here, I should have turned back to the Farmstead to fully restore myself. But I want to press on and move over to the birch trees where I presume a bear to roam. The weather is sunny and calm, what is there to fear? If I see a bear, I can always go back. That's my thinking.

Approaching the birch trees, I notice that this part of the map has been redone. The forest is quite dense, and I am careful not to overlook any bears running around. Everything seems quiet. There are two burnt down huts and two bodies. Behind them some large boulders... I don't like the place, it's hard to overlook. Checking carefully in all directions, I loot the bodies. And when I turn around, my heart skips a beat - the bear is right behind me!

Hmmm... strangely, it is running on the spot, inching sideways towards me. I cover some distance, then turn around and watch. Bear is still running on the spot, slowly moving sideways towards me. Hmmm... a glitch, obviously. I become curious whether I might take the bear down with a single shot... like a deer caught in a fence. Save bullets, old greedy stupid noob-like herrrrnhh that I am...

Well, the first shot makes the bear forget the glitch, run over (taking a second shot) and maul me down to 7%. And while it is mauling me, a coooold wind picks up. I apply a bandage and put some distance between the angry animal and me. It is becoming really windy now, and I am freezing (bear ripped my clothes into ribbons). The nearest cover is the green barn - and I need this cover badly... 6%... run, run... 5%... my vision is blurred, I remember I have some reclaimed wood and accelerant in my backpack, and... herbal tea, the life-saver of the freezing bush-pilot! Run, run! Made it to the barn, 3%... build fire, quickly... 2%... fire is on, cook the tea!! 1%... tea is ready... aaaand... I fumble the new UI, fail to drink in time and fade... into the long dark... :lol:

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What a great run!

Thx for posting!

And sooo close to the new 100 days achievement...better luck next time I guess.

I had the same thing happen with a wolf not running at me in a straight line and it seems to be a deliberate change, a good one imo. Had the same experience as you, got a shot off but not good enough, wolf jumped me but only had like 40% so two shots with knife killed him on the spot. I did lose some condition in the exchange though...

Also I find that almost every time I get in trouble it's because I deviated from my plan. It's a great balance in the game: to survive as long as possible you need to take advantage of every little thing you can but that will also most likely land you in trouble! :)

Look forward to hearing about your next run!

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Good read, I really feel for you. Seems you died because of a few milliseconds.. :(

Good luck next time.^^

The wolf jumps up from his meal earlier than expected and runs towards me in a kind of semi-circle, I miss my shot and get into a handfight. Wolf runs off bleeding, I am down to some 65% condition. Harvest the deer completely. Getting up to move on to the barn, the wolf returns. Or is it another wolf? Again, the beast does not approach me in a straight line and I fumble again with the gun.

I've had these problems as well.. wolves seem to favor zigzag routes now. Not sure whether I like this new wolf AI.

On the one hand it's probably more realistic not to be approached in a straight line, on the other hand I have yet to find a method to shoot a wolf before it is more than half a meter in front of my muzzle. x-x

I personally don't mind this too much - close proximity shots seem to work for me most of the time and whenever I miss (or pull the trigger too late) I have at least a lot of experience in hand-fighting those beasts.

I'm just wondering about the countless players that considered wolves to be invincible destruction machines and way too difficult to handle before. Somehow I very much doubt they're going to like the new "I'll dodge your every bullet" wolves better.^^

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