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Right well I'm a noob and I accept that.

1. Is it possible to survive forever??

2. Do different kinds of stoves burn longer than others?

3. Can you put flares out once you've lit them?

4. What's the best way to get a steady supply of food??

5. Is there any way to make more matches?

Much thanks!

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1. In theory yes. Based on answer 4 and 5.

2. No

3. No

4. Rabbits, fish, and scavenging from wolves. My main long term diet is rabbits. I typically set ten traps per day. The only set back is the need of gut to make it. Maybe after 1000 days gut becomes more scarce, but otherwise pretty reliable. Only fire your rifle when about to die or when you get two carcases for one shot, ie. wolf killed deer. Eventually you will run out of bullets, but if your good at the melee mini game you could survive using plant combos to make medicine.

5. No, but there are alternatives to matches. Fire striker, and Magnifying glass.

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5. No, but there are alternatives to matches. Fire striker, and Magnifying glass.

which decay with usage so ultimately you will die because of lack of fire and therefor lack of water. But if you would make say 100l of water per fire you can do the math yourself how long you'd survive. Eventually you'd run out of it but until you reach that point you've probably died a thousand deaths already for other reasons, not to mention the boredom that will make you throw yourself down the Ravine :D

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Yeah, you can't last forever until they add a "rubbing sticks to make fire" mechanic. I really think the magnifying glass shouldn't decay like it does, though there should be a chance it will break if you get attacked by an animal or if you take a fall while you're carrying it.

I thought about trying to max out my water just to see how long I could survive, but it really seems too much like work.

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I've recently started a fun challenge for myself and tried another approach - keep the very same fire burning infinitely.

It's hard and it's cost-intensive, but doable. I did neither use my axe for foraging wood nor touch my vast wood reserves and thus had to forage wood for 12h/day, leaving 8h for sleeping (necessary because of exhaustion) and 4h for meat acquisition/cooking/boiling water. As you need about 5000 kcal per day with this playstyle, that's more or less a deer for every day. (I had the deer killed by a wolf, then either shot the wolf or escaped into a building).

I still have to improve this method, but I could keep a fire burning for about 10 days so far. (I lost two bullets, one fishing tackle and three rabbit snares for these 10 days). With a big pile of wood as a reserve (or by using an axe for foraging!) the fire could probably be kept burning several dozens of days in a row.^^

I certainly wouldn't advise this playstyle for standart situations (the giant amount of calories needed requires a high bullet & snare consumption), but it's probably worth a try if you end up with plenty of bullets and/or scrap metal but lack means to start a fire. (Stupid me harvested her only magnifying lens months ago x-x).

For now, I'll probably alternate this "lumberjack mode" with a normal playstyle as I still have two firestrikers left.

If nothing else, playing mad lumberjack is at least a very funny and challenging playstyle variation.^^

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In my play of style, i do not need magni glass for the first 500 days or so, playing on one map only (PV). With all 3 maps and smart management matches should last up to 1500-2000 days or so. I just pick matches when i need it, the rest of it leave it untouched and make a note where is it, so later i can come back when i need it.

For saving matches, I have this tactic... when i'm at 100% condition or so, i go get wolf + deer, then i cook it and make like 80L+ of water in that same cooking/boiling session. Of course good stack of fir wood is needed. So i just cook/boil until very low condition... once again with ONE MATCH i cook ~14kg of meat and make 80L+ of water.

Perma life is possible, but would be hard, because once character runs out of LITERALLY EVERYTHING (except non-decaying things, such as magni glass), will be hard to get guts. There is method of outrunning wolves, but near-by place is needed to enter in order to escape wolf. Guts will be needed for making snares, and snares would give rabbit meat. Diet will consist mainly rabbit, and occasionally deer. Clothing will be just rabbit mittens and deer boots. But even to get to the point of running out of everything playing in one map, probably would take ~1500-2000 days. My last run of 500+ days in PV only, i ran out of matches at 520+days, but i was really stocked with other things. Literally, player has to play to the extremes to get to such point of the game... and to get there is very boring.

For example, i'm at around 200 days on stalker, in my new PV only challenge. Looted pretty much everything (except food bunker left food and water untouched, and signal hill some food untouched). Still have plenty of stock stuff... 4 basic bedrolls (40 cloths), ~10 stored cloth, bunch of not needed clothing (probably another 20+ cloths), 32 bullets (found 36), 1 rifle at 90% and 2nd one at 70%, 10+ scrap, hatchet at 70%, 2 knives (70% and 80%), 2 storm laterns, ~30 leathers, ~15 guts. ~15 reishi cups, ~10 rose hip cups, ~7 lichen bandages, probably ~5 bottles of antiseptic, ~14 painkillers, ~24 antibiotics. I have not shot a single bear yet.

1 bullet = ~35 days of food, so 32 x 35 = another ~1120 days. So let say 1 bullet = 1 bear. As far as i recall bear yields 10 guts? So that's 320 guts. Literally i can live 1400 days on one map as far as food considered. Up to that time i would consume guts, but probably what? 40 max? :) Would still have 280 left, which means 280 snares lol. So yeah to get even to the part of running out of everything is pretty boring road, but yeah from there it would be pretty fun and challenging... so to conclude.... perma life is possible/do-able.

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