sinking into the ground


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I was making my way to one of the bunkers, not too far from Forestry lookout. I sprained my ankle while trying to find it, which created a save file so i felt comfortable leaving the game. When I continued with the game later I began to fall into the ground and just fall deeper and deeper into the nothingness while i could see the whole map above me. No matter how many times I tried to reload the game it always began with me sinking down. I couldn't walk or run. I couldn't recover from that so I had to start a new game.

I did see a similar post under Fixed. However, the person reported it for v1.83 while it happened to me in v2.00

I don't think the exact location matters. I think the problem may be recreated by climbing somewhere high, getting a sprained ankle and exiting the game while still at high altitude.

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do you still have the savegame? A while ago I had the problem, too. I couldn't walk until I tried something. I had my fingers on "w" and "shift" before I clicked "Load". That did the trick and I got out of the situation. Maybe that helps you, too, although it happened to me in an earlier version (1.9something :) )

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