Killed Fluffy, stuck on floor/in shelving


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Yeah, I dunno it was dark, man, and this wolf attacked me. Scared the crud out of me, but I killed it but then I realized after the struggle that I couldn't move. I'm not encumbered although I'm a bit peckish. Anyhow, I'm not sure what caused me to become stuck as this hasn't happened to me before.

Great game so far, this is my first real problem with 100+ days played.


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I gave that a shot a few times and it did indeed reload to my stuck position. So I tried sleeping a few different times and remained stuck as well.

But all is good. I gave it a few days off and when I came back I was in the same spot but mobile. I hadn't wanted to start over because I was doing the best I've done - of course that can end any moment, eh? But decided I'd reset and try out some bear hunting and voila, I was gtg.

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