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I did the Director's Cut, dose that make me an alpha or beta?

As per the Website where you paid through PayPal, you will receive Early Access in September to the Sandbox and then a Digital download when the game is released.

Pre-Order The Long Dark Sandbox Mode (for Windows or Mac) on Steam Early Access (coming, September 2014). The Survival Sandbox is the open-world simulation where all the deep survival mechanics come together. This is a free-form, non-narrative mode where players see how long they can survive against the elements.

The Long Dark - Director’s Cut also includes access to the full retail game on release, which includes all Season One episodes for the game’s Story mode, and will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux in both Steam and DRM-free versions. The Long Dark - Director’s Cut also includes an extra CD key for the game (suitable for gifting), a downloadable Art Book showcasing production artwork from throughout the game’s development, a downloadable Making Of documentary, and a boxed copy of the game on DVD (shipping & handling fees are extra).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.