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I haven't read through all the forums, so I'm sure some of these are repeats. Please count these as upvotes if they are duplicates. :D I've played for about 100 hours now, and had a lot of fun, lasting about a month on voyager and a week on stalker, mostly in the Mystery Lake area so far.

1. I want to be able to drag corpses, even if only out of the camp office or 10 meters into a hut. Living with a corpse is creepy and unsanitary, but butchering away from wolves is much more sensible.

2. This is a UI issue; after I've cooked something or boiled water, I want a one key sequence to consume it rather than having to exit the stove and enter the inventory and eat and then go back to the stove.

3. Avoiding sweating is a key part of cold weather work, and you normally take off layers as you work and put them back on as you do less strenuous activity. Getting wet in any way is exceedingly dangerous in real life in the cold.

4. Good clothing does not deteriorate just because you're walking in a storm. Getting attacked, or tripping and falling while running, or working outside, such as foraging wood, or making a fir carelessly, or getting wet, or butchering, these are all things that do tend to deteriorate clothing.

5. I should be able to make several hooks from scrapping a lantern - losing hooks makes fishing an unattractive waste of resources except for hooks I actually find.

6. It would be excellent if reclaimed wood actually caused the interior of a building to visibly deteriorate, furniture to disappear, planks to be pryed up, etc. I agree with Raplet that a prybar is actually the best tool for reclaiming wood from within a building.

7. Another UI nice to have would be being able to sit in the chairs, especially while repairing stuff. Also to study pictures, see through windows, and put things back on shelves or back into containers (maybe there's already

8. Soda would not necessarily freeze at these temperatures, but I'd still want to pour it into a pan and heat it up so as not to waste 5% of its calories on heating it inside me to body temperature. Someone mentioned it would be useful to keep the container as storage (ok, simplified out in the game) or as a reflector toward lighting fires. I like that last idea.

9. Deer are dangerous if you scare them toward you. In the game I cornered a deer and then it ran through me and we just passed through each other.

10. The calories available from a deer are way off. I realize this would be a game balancing issue, but I'd at least like a reason given for why I get about 30x calories from a deer than you would expect in real life.

11. Snow is hard to travel in. In real life working in the cold I almost never ran. Running should be an emergency action, not normally the best way to travel in the game.

12. Snow shoes, skis, sleds, even pack dogs, would be fun additions to the game.

13. The wilderness is way too full; I go in a straight line for less than an hour's walk and in the game I'm almost certain to run into some evidence of human activity. I'd like to see a lot more empty wilderness. This might also help balance a game that gave more calories for meat.

14. Related to an emptier wilderness, maps should be valuable finds and almost essential for getting safely to a new settlement. I'd like to be able to see and study maps such as the one in the camp office.

15. Another UI issue; the aiming dot - could it please change color when on white, it's easy for it to wash out against bright snow.

16. Mini-games for some activities might be a way to give more detail and a variety of play styles. Like a butchering or ice fishing mini-game, perhaps that gave possibly a better chance of success than the automatic way once the techniques are learned. Even gathering, melting and boiling snow has skill involved, not to mention foraging for wood.

17. I've read you can freeze to death in your sleep, but most of the time our bodies are quick to alert us when they need something. Deteriorating because of thirst while crafting boots while there is a bottle of water beside me is rather foolish. The game should alert me and let me cancel my action if thirsty, and cancel it for me if I'm deteriorating.

All in all a great game I've had a lot of fun with, and I look forward to story mode.

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