Hardwood that is actually more valuable than softwood


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Fir (hardwood) used to be more valuable than cedar (softwood) because both took 30 min to forage but fir burned 50% longer. Now cedar only takes 20 min to harvest so fir takes 50% longer to harvest as well. Cedar now has all the advantages and no disadvantages:

+ takes less time to harvest

+ weighs less

+ better chance to start a fire

- burns for shorter amount of time, but this is negated by the shorter forage time.

If you take weight into account, cedar is absolutely the best choice to carry around. 2 fir logs burn for 3 hours and weigh 2 kg. 3 cedar logs also burn for 3 hours, but only weigh 1.5 kg.

I always used to use cedar only to start a fire (and fuel it with fir once it is lit) and for carrying around as emergency fuel (in case of a blizzard or something) but now I don't use fir at all, there's no point.

I would like to see fir have it's place again.

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