Scr*w you, wolves! (Drop the meat, retrieve the meat bug)

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If the subject makes me get a ban, I'll be the user that lasted shorter on a forum of all time.


Bug description and step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it:

  • a wolf spots me;
  • I drop a decoy (tried just meat);
  • wolf stop charging me and starts to walk slowly toward the meat;
  • I retrieve the meat;
  • wolf gets stuck in the animation and acts like the meat was still there;
  • BONUS: I run away with the meat and happy for avoiding the attack.

OS: Windows 8.1

I don't think a screenshot is necessary.

Debug log (can't attach, too big): ... 9789568682

That's all, folks!

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I can confirm this as I reproduce it several times. First drop meat. Than wait for the wolf to slow down, then go and retrieve meat back. But what I notices, maybe somebody can confirm that, The meat is only as long the in inventory as the wolf didn't catch. Once caught, it disappears from the rucksack **weird**

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