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As this is more kind of wish,than suggestion,I decided to post under this topic.

Lately I watch and read alot of stuff about wolves,nature itself,survival...I watch more contents and analises about The Grey movie...and,I must admit,thanx to this game,I am getting interest to know Canada better.To know nature better.I started to respect it,as every human been should.All this happened just coz of simple game.It changes my wholle attitude and awarenes of nature.

But,ok,enough about that. :) As I said,I did get know wolves better,understand their AI more.That`s why few ideas for game came into my mind:

1.As we know,beside wolves can smell scent incredibly well,they also have 2x wider hearing range as human has.Well,in game,when we open car trunk with prybar,that makes quite a hell of a noice. :) So,it is kinda strange that this noice does not attract wolves to come investigate,what is happening.Maybe it would be good,if that is implemented into their in game AI.Yes,wolves are in real shy,but are also very curious.

2.Howling. Wolves stop to howl for few reasons.They may warn possible intruders,that they are about to enter into his teritory.With howling wolves also calls their mates for lunch.:-) So,maybe there could be add AI,that sometimes wolves from sorroundings slowly goes towards place,where their mate with howling invites them to join him in ravaging deer.That would lead to making some interesting choices of ours,if we find ourselves in between those wolves.Great example of that is in CH frozen sea area,where many packs patrols on their areas.If they all would turn to one direction...well,that would be realy exciting experience for player,how to avoid to be encircled.:-)

Those are just tinny wishes/suggestions from a player.Maybe you will find something interesting in this post,maybe not.At least I made my step in here. :)

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fun idea. :) This would make it more risky to chase a deer into a wolf in order to have the wolf kill it for it. If the wolf calls its mates after the kill, you could have a lot more wolf to deal with if you want to take that kill.

I think this would be a pretty good addition actually.

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