PolarBear70 plays The Long Dark

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I was a little reluctant to share this, because the whole run seemed like a major comedy of errors. Also was a little reluctant because my computer was running an out-of-spec video card, so the lagging was pretty bad between playing the game AND shooting video.

Disclaimer: the video series in the URL below is gameplay based upon an out-of-spec video card (an NVidia GeForce 9600 GT, if you must know), and so in no way represents even the 'minimum spec' performance of The Long Dark.

Still, it was playable and enjoyable, and certainly a warning of a bunch of things NOT to do...

Originally, this video was meant for a friend of mine, so there's a lot of discussion about the interface and what's going on in game, especially in the early episodes. I also need to do some more annotations for things I say that aren't completely accurate ("herbal tea does the same thing as coffee...", etc.)

Happy to note that I got a new video card for my birthday, so the next series should be looking and playing a lot better.


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