Map Request: Frozen Cape


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With the introduction of coastal highway a few months back, I was wondering if we might find more nautical themed regions.

I will describe the map using prose instead of my typical list of features:

To the far north, beyond snowbound peaks, lies a frozen cape, its inhabitants long perished from the bitter cold. When the power first failed, the fishing town close to the river mouth began to run down on supplies after only a few weeks. Winter had closed in, and the loss of power meant that no communication with the outside world could be made. The residents were forced to elect a number of individuals to do a run down to the nearest city for supplies. 3 days into the venture, the weather worsened and the expedition was lost in an avalanche in Goosefoot pass, their remains buried amongst the ice and snow. Meanwhile, shortages of food and medical supplies in the town lead to a mass exodus of its inhabitants. Some chose to brave the vicious sea, but few survived that passage. The remnants of their sorry attempt dashed against Martin's reef to the south. With the closure of Goosefoot pass, some tried to climb over Fallowstone peak, but the losses they suffered to the wolves in that region meant the last survivor of their party died of blood loss and hypothermia in the abandoned weather station at its summit, unable to radio for help due to the mysterious aurora that blazed overhead at night.

Wolves began to venture into the town from the south, looking for food that was in short supply. Of the residents who remained, those that could, fled North. Some took refuge in the lighthouse at Norseman's Head, only to be harried by the wolves that followed. A brave young man attempted to lead the wolves away from the group, his last stand was at Helm's point, the easternmost tip of Icebreaker bay, which continues up into the inhospitable frozen wastes of the Northern marches.

Venturing inland, the remaining survivors braved the bitter cold of Hardin's plantation, meeting up with the last of the rangers stationed at the reserve office. Together they travelled further north to Coldridge pass, where they managed to loop round the mountains and end up in the pleasant valley to the south.

Meanwhile, up to the far northern extremities, about half a kilometre from Helm's point is Crabber's cottage, where an elderly fisherman, Ebenezar McIlroy, passes away from pneumonia after holding out all this time.

Let me know what you think. If you like the idea, I'll draw up a map.

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Sounds good. What I find irritating though is that people are going North to find salvation. I would rather expect them to go South in search of milder climates. So to satisfy me, give those people a reason for going further North! Maybe they were trying to reach a certain place (port/airport/larger city)? Hoping to find a ship/plane to take them away?

And then yes, the map, please... :)

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They go north to access coldridge pass which loops down through the mountainrange down south to pleasant valley.

They could have gone south via Goosefoot pass, but the collapse sealed it. And the slopes of Falllowstone peak are wolf infested. They were forced north by the wolf menace, and as a result took an alternate, if more hazardous route to get to the south.

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