Binocular, a useful purpose.

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There are times when we explore the hills above and scoop the valley below that we wish we could...zoom in, into the horizon. Asking ourselves in our slight confusion and doubt; "Is that a rock, or a house? Perhaps another tree?" It's difficult to say sometimes because of the quality of the game graphics, it all looks like your grandma baked the entire sandbox with her latest cake recipe. (Hey i'm not judging, its the Hinterland style and i'm buying it!) Reminds me of when my mother baked me a Chocolate cake fortress with an army of laban Seigmenn candy added to it when i was a midget.

Please include the ability to zoom and let the binocular judge the distance by numbers like a laser pointer, this way we could also learn how long it would take to get there, just like we 'magically' know the exact time it takes to cook anything.

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