Smoke and fire factors. Additional constructions

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Whenever we camp outside, we naturally place the bed next to the fire, RISKY! While we wait and regenerate in the heat, we should suffer the smoke to cough the player sickly if he stands on the wrong end of the wind, his finding of goggles should also allow him protection to not get blinded which could be fatal if confronted by critters when camping!

Please introduce the additional constructions in the game that allows the player to make minor 'walls' that could protect the player from fiery glows that could wake up the player screaming in flames rather than a wolf trying to kiss you good morning. I believe an metal fire mesh could be constructed by scrap metal found? Wall it up.

Team that up with a tarp that would allow you protection from rain, snow and wind when choosing the stratetic placement of the tarp opening (which should work as a minor tent, kinda like this: ... e2f0_z.jpg Naturally, this gives you a more defensive line of position if the art of melee defense against the critters was deemed possible.

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Building a "fire wall" serves to reflect the heat of the fire back onto your sleeping area, while also funneling the smoke up and away from you, like a natural chimney. It might be tough to make one, through, due to the frozen ground. Maybe, just stack up some logs and cover them with snow?

Putting a tarp, or failing that, some boughs over your head, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, beneath you, in a foot-thick layer, will serve to trap the heat from a fire as well as insulate you from the ground.

In reality, the "best" place to make camp is between a large stone and your fire. You build a fire reflector on the other side of the fire, and insulate the ground beneath your sleeping bag with boughs/grass/etc. This way, heat from the fire is reflected off the reflector, again reflected off the stone, and onto you. Much less wasted heat.

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