"You'll have my Bow" "And my AXE!" ~ Its various uses

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I've noticed that the more i get into the game, the fairly easier lumber gets to acquired as long as you have gained the axe. For the noobs however (The beginners) The game might be a bit intimidating and at worst case threatens to have them never play nor support the game again if the threat level were deemed too high.

One of the first things we all learn in this game is that every house offers sanctuary, once we get inside, we see a lot of furnitures that will never be used beside the bed (not even the crapper are being used right!) so i thought for a moment; Why not have the ability to crush some of the chairs for wood for the fireplace? Or that kind of wood that you make traps out of?

Admit it, the game does eventually exhaust its resources, a few limitless resources would only be welcome considering that fact that we are STUCK in the sandboxes and cannot be saved until the game are completed and hopefully shares an intruiging story for our patient troubles. I have seen a lot of burned houses, and houses where the content are really pillaged and torn apart. Why in logic's name can't i use my mighty viking axe and SLAY the furnitures for maximum survival profit?

Why aren't there several models of the axe such as the classical fire axe? With its tipped behind i could FACE THE MIGHTY BEAR in a noisy Pokemon battle and possibly pierce its skull to FINALLY get that hairy sleeping bag i NEVER. EVER. GET. There could also be longer axes for quicker chopping but a bigger weight toll, choose choose!

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