Additional clothing types! (layering system)

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The Long Dark got most of the clothes, but where are the trousers and the third outer shells?

I believe this can create a more challenging and thus more interesting hunt for clothes for fashion animals like myself.

Trousers, combined with my earlier post regarding hygiene; Can either be a plus in heat or a burden if too filthy (might i add that wool trousers are the most hygienic choices out there? A whole week and still no sign of textured shame!)

The typical (and pricy) shell layer that are for the modern outdoor man, offers no heat whatsoever, you could gain equally much heat from wrapping yourself into a towel, it does however offer a tremendous amount of WIND PROTECTION which could be a grand treasure find if the beginning of the adventure gave you a crappy COTTON setup, just saying...

What say you? Wouldn't this indeed offer a more variable combination of clothing?

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Balaclavas with an all around protection would also be handy! Perhaps found by a dead skier for a change rather than the same guy from Walking Dead being mysteriously found everywhere.

A ski helmet or even a motorcycle helmet would offer a supert protection from the wind and could be layered with balaclavas.

What about goggles? Snow goggles or just ordinary goggles for that matter, protection from sun in such a way that when wielding them; You get to see more details of the world when looking up to the mountains with the brimming sky in the background, they could also offer protection from smoke which i added in another post.

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While I could see a place for ski goggles/sun glasses in the game (although I am not missing them), I would certainly not enjoy the filthiness of pants becoming a game element.

There are no such thing as a perfect game, one will always like a detail more than the rest and at worst case hate the remaining details. Nobody likes filth just like nobody likes to clean dust from the shelves now and then, but we all have to. That is why i consider such a tought valuable in a game where survival are the point of the whole story and how you have to WORK to get a stable health and condition in order to progress, this includes hygiene and every survivalist can support it.

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