"Cotton are like swearing in the woods!" additional clothing

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That was the immortal quote of my older brother once we discussed outdoor clothing, and he is right!

The developers of the game knows this fully that cotton are the least favorable clothing in a surival situation, but that is not the point, my point is the wish for more wool garments and items.

I am a wool guy and i absolutely LOVE a cozy wool sweater of most kinds (I even have an epic wool coat with fur hides on the surface, leather in the middle and a third inner layer of the same wool hide quality for maximum wool comfort and warmth, it's gorgeously heavy, it feels like a constant warm hug and reeks of love!) I live in Norway and have a lot of cultural access to wool clothing and as a Viking i have a personal attraction to masculine, hairy, heavy, cozy wool, leather and hide items, all in all organic things so it pleases me that we can create clothes from the hunt in this game.

To the actual point: I have a lot of said wool clothings in possession, i know their values and wool types and must protest when the game offers a 'Cotton Cargo' pants as the best pants asset. I own a WWII German WOOOOOOL Cargo pants, and they are the most sturdiest, warmest, awesomest pants i have ever farted in. They are the Melton kind of Wool and can be identified by its smooth surface and are very very VERY windproof! (but not completely) So WHY don't the game have this awesome pants? Why no wool cargo pants?

Please add new clothings as soon as possible, i only feel most confident as a survivor when my clothings shields me with their love, even if it is a game!

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Thank you! I'm looking forward to hear all updates for the game as well as play them. If my education supported it then i would freely join your team to assist in the development of the game. Alas i have no such skills but merely ideas to share. I Shared some serious ideas to the development team behind the Tomb Raider game as well in hope of them installing a clothing mechanic that would teach all the passionate Tomb Raider fans that enjoys Adventure; To dress correctly to every endeavour situation, they never replied... (Arrogant *cough!* scumbags *cough*)

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