Gun muzzle flash animation bug


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This issue is still in the current version of the game: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=3295&p=17682&hilit=fire#p17682

Sadly, once a bug was moved to "fixed" region on the forums you cant reply to it anymore, so you must open a new topic.

For an example demonstrating this bug, see

40:27: He fires -- I believe you set up for this bug, by releasing zoom-key, before releasing the fire key?

Whe in that state, whenever you move forward it displays the muzzle flash animation on the gun:

40:34: A step forward, muzzle flash is displayed.

40:50: Again.

I think to get rid of this bug again, you holster your gun and then draw it again iirc.

If you keep walking forward in this condition, the muzzle flash animation will be displayed every full gun animation cycle (once every ~2 seconds)

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