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I created a group on Steam for the sole purpose to bring TLD streamers and viewers together.

From the group's description page:

This group is a place for TLD streamers to promote and schedule their broadcasts and for viewers to check when which stream ist on.

As a viewer you simply subscribe to a streamer's thread in the broadcast forum and get automatically a notification when a new stream is scheduled. You may also find new streams you were unaware of before.

As a streamer you can announce your streams here, make them more visible and point your viewers to this group instead of accepting friend requests from people you don't know. Please contact me if you want to schedule your broadcasts via the scheduler. You can still create your own thread in the broadcast forum without scheduler but then it won't show up in the event planer on the front page.

Every member can invite other members to the group and I'm open to further suggestions on what we could do with this group.

So far three streamers are scheduling their broadcast via the group, Denyo, Idea and myself and I hope that more streamers and viewers will join the group.

Come join the madness and get more viewers for your streams and don't miss other player's adventures in TLD:

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I stream every game (not just TLD) to the public on steam.

In steam click on the "Community" then you can search for any game and see loads of broadcasts for that game. Quite fun to watch random people sometimes :D and kinda get a feel for certain games before you buy.

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Yes I hope they will soon overcome beta and release the final version. Chat still needs some working on.

The way you describe is how we had to do it before I founded the group. Problem is that people only get to see random broadcasts, if they wanted to follow a specific broadcaster they had to send a friend request. Plus this group focuses solely on TLD streams, there are already groups for general streaming.

Join the group and drop me a line if you want to schedule your TLD streams too, the group has already 19 members and is growing day by day, but we are still only 3 streamers. The goal is to bring all TLD streamers and viewers together and thus become a place where people can see what the game is all about and learn how to play from watching others and asking questions in the chat.

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  • 1 year later...

The group has quite grown and is now 151 members strong. Sadly most streamers went on hiatus and no one else seems to be streaming but me. Some new streamers might not know about this group which is why I thought to bring this topic back.

Please join this group if you want to broadcast on Steam and reach some audience or if you want to follow streams on Steam, see entry post for more details.

Group Link:

Would be nice to see some new - or old - broadcasters on Steam ;)

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