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Imagine The Possibilities-Pushing the candle agenda

An idea for an update, an new harvestable called animal fat. It would be stored in tin cans and The amount would be determined by the weight of the animal. It would be in many recipes and could be used as accelerant. It could also be used in the recipe for a torch instead of oil. But the main recipe for candles. 
      Have you ever been in a house and needed light but did not or could not make a fire. Have a candle! They can’t be move or picked up while lit and would give off light, enough to read and mend. The recipe would be animal fat and cloth and probably an hour for 2 candles.(still deciding) It would also add to the vibe of the long dark, and have stages of candle light. It would also burn longer stationary than a storm lantern.
      Another recipe that is still in the works is soap. It would be made from animal fat and rose hips and would make two small bars. Each bar would count as one use and would remove a current stench bar from carrying meat but only for so long.
        Please comment what you think, and give suggestions. I think this would be a great add to the game we all belove.

Ps: let’s hope they fix the animal AI when they add this 😂


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