Lost reward after loading an autosave?

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So I finished the glowing cave side mission and got the moosehide satchel reward! Except, in not the smartest move, after I got the satchel, I loaded an autosave to go back for the wood outside the cave so I wouldn't freeze to death. But when I opened the backpack again the satchel wasn't there. I keep reloading my last autosave and every time I get a hunting knife.... is there any way to get the satchel back or am I just SOL?

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So, you're saying that you picked up the satchel, then went back to an autosave because you were cold from the waterfall. Then, you went back in to get the satchel, and when you picked it up, the quest didn't complete? Or, when you went back in, the satchel wasn't there but everything else was? Just clarifying 

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