Prybar to break ice?

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+1 Nice idea. I like it, since the fry bar is so useless, lol. I really wish the devs team will consider add multy purpose for tool, not just for harvest for material. Like fry bar can be use as weapon.

you need it to open locked containers.. once those have been looted, then it is no longer useful. makes sense to me as is.

If you look at the prybar, its not a real heavy one, so it's ability to break ice may not be that good. If there's not much ice to break through then maybe, but if there's a lot, it would not work well at all.

To be fair, the hatchet probably wouldn't work that well either for thick ice (without making the hole much wider--I've tried it... ) ... so.. I guess I'm left at maybe :)

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Another use for the prybar? Good idea! I have 5 prybars lying around and not an unopened container in any of the maps...

I always felt the condition drop a knife or hatchet takes from opening up a fishing hole wasn't worth it. If I could use the prybar for this, I would do more fishing, that's for sure.

I'm okay with the prybar taking longer to open the hole than a knife or hatchet, although I think it wouldn't be a bad tool for the job. If you hold the curved end in one hand and hold the middle of the bar with your other hand you can deliver some good blows to the ice with the point on the other end.

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