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A wild caver appears!

I'm a Finnish role-playing gamer and adventure sports enthusiast. My main interest these days is caving, which is a bit like live-action Long Dark except that it's always night and there's not as much to eat. Still, struggling to stay alive in harsh conditions is ticking all the right boxes for me. And in the game.

It's unbelievably refreshing to have a video game discussion board that has a section devoted to outdoor and survival activities. If you need me, I'll be over there, binge-reading everything.

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Hey there, great to have you join us!

Caving is crazy, huh? I have a couple of friends that do it, and I've been through a couple of the more "touristy" caves, which was honestly exciting enough for me at the time. Glad you're enjoying the game and the forums, looking forward to hearing more from you!

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