A SAVE/LOAD option!!!


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I like the game, but I feel like I'm Bill Murrey in 'Ground Hog Day'!!

Let us (your paying customer) choose if they want to start from the beginning or load a saved point. How many RP games do you know that force you to start over when you die???? Don't like playing for hours/days and one slip up and you lose everything....just wrong!!!

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I remember when the first Dead Rising game came out, and how insane their save system made me. More often than not, you had to restart from so far back when you died, it seemed like you might as well just start the whole thing over until you had completed over half of the game.

Then I read something from Capcom explaining their system. They wanted the players to hold themselves accountable for their actions and decisions, and wanted to teach them that risks have consequences, and that you have to weigh your options and make a plan before you make a move that might cost you your life.

This is how I often view The Long Dark. The save system certainly varies from Dead Rising, but it forces you to pay attention and weigh your options. This game is designed to challenge you, focusing on survival and forcing you to attempt to reason with a wilderness that can't possibly understand or care about the rationale behind the decisions you make.

In real life, one bad decision can cost you your life. At least in The Long Dark, you get to try again.

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There is no development without stretching the limits.

Seems stupid to reason against a suggestion like Don't break the law!

But if you brave enough to take one more step from "Question everything, dont accept anything", you may find yourself revealing amaizing things about the world around us, also you may find yourself in need of a real life save option :D ctrl+Z seems like a useful solution too.

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you can back up your save files every once in a while and always go back to them if you don't feel like starting all over again.

those files are hidden and located in users/name/appdata/locallow/hinterland/the long dark

i usually create a savebk folder and put my save001 folder inside

i started doing this ever since my game disappeared once and i had to start all over again. i don't know what deleted my save files but it hasn't happened since.

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