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Alan Lawrance

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In the game we record various in-game events, which provides a kind of history of your survival experience. You can view this event log by clicking on the Log button on the Survival Panel.

We also write the Log out to disc each time the game gets saved (or you die). We hope that a record your survival experience will provide useful information for tuning the game. Please feel free post a log of your survival run in the Playtest Feedback forum, especially if it's an epic run or an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

For each game, events are written to a log using the file format:


Each time you start a new game, a new log file gets started. This is so we don't overwrite previous logs... so you should already have some logs around if you have been playing v.05.

On the PC, you'll find the logs in:
C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Hinterland\The Long Dark

On the Mac, the logs will be found in:
~Library\Caches\Hinterland\The Long Dark\

The ~ above is your home directory (little house icon).

You may need to "unhide" the Library directory on the Mac by typing this at a Terminal:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

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Mine are actually at

~Library\Caches\unity.Hinterland.The Long Dark

Running Mavericks 10.9.4 for anyone else that is trying to find it and can't.

Another easy way, (if you don't want to show Hidden Files), as this can be dangerous if you delete something your not meant to, is when in finder, goto MenuBar Finder>Go and press ⌥ Option Key and Library will then appear in the Drop Down. Keep holding ⌥ until you click on it, and you will be presented with the open Library Window in Finder.

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