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I cannot figure out how to aim the rifle. Before version I was able to hit wolves, now I can't hit anything. The front and rear sights never line up and when aiming with the right mouse button there is no white dot to aim with. How is this aiming system supposed to work?

Yes, I've searched a bit and haven't only found vague recommendations.

PS. I wish I could fast forward time to when this game is released...really like it.

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Yeah, I've seen that video and since an update or two ago that used to work, but the gun no longer sways.

The game wont save after shooting your riffle (yet), so a piece of advice to go out, shoot a few to experience how it works, and load.

Let me know if it worked :D

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Sorry, this was the best image I could find all of a sudden:


As you can see the small space between the hips, and between the small metal piece at the end of your weapons barrel, that covers exactly the space where the white dot is usually without aiming your weapon.

Stay in one place, stop, if necessary crouch, take the time to aim, 1-4 sec depending on situations, and even hold back your breath (literally).

When you pew (it is the sound what laser weapon sounds in scifi), hold your aim.

I do not know if this "swinging" was removed on purpose, maybe it is a bug, lets wait a dev to figure that out.

(or post it in the bugs)

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There is some information in the aiming changes here:

The "hips" are the rear sight and the "small metal piece at the end of the weapon" is the front sight. Also I believe that it's pew-pew, not just pew for the laser weapons.

I own a few rifles myself and admit I'm not an expert marksman but the current system just isn't realistic to me. Also I can't hit anything with the newest update.

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Thanks for the updates :D

I will definitely take a look on the steam forums too.

I am not a native english speaker, thank you for helping me to learn new terms.

What would be a realistic solution in your eyes? (I can hit the wildlife however it is true I do not even try to shoot anything above 20-30 meters far from me)

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I have to admit I'm a very bad judge of distance and grew up with imperial units so I don't know how to judge 20-30 meters, it just comes naturally based on what I see and experience in game when the critters run/attack. Solution, I don't know...I kind of liked lining up the iron sights to be honest or if I could at least fire from the hip. Or maybe just some instructions on how to aim would help.

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In Pilgrim mode the wolves run away before they ever get that close.

I forgot pilgrim mode, you are right, I used to train my aim in that difficulty.

Bait is the solution what you are in need of! (probably raw meat, but if you press the bound key for the bait, it will drop the one in your inventory which have the highest "scent" strength)

Place a bait in front of one of the fishing huts, and wait for it inside the hut, you gonna hear the footsteps if one is near, and you can be prepared for it.

Or alternatively you always can sneak up on a wolf which is feeding on a prey, remember, the winds direction counts too, and always go from behind.

If you are not patient enough, try to look for higher areas to have the advantage to aim from above.

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Recently, I noticed a change also - with aiming. I used to be able to hit my mark just about every time, but now, I miss every single time. I have practiced with my aim using my ammunition up - and then I don't save - so that I can try again. I've missed about 30 times in a row now.

One thing that I have noticed, is that I can not get the middle peg? (please pardon my ignorance on the technical terminology) the line up right. It will not rise high matter what I do. I changed my mouse settings where I turned off all features in my mouse properties - and have change around the mouse sensitivity settings in the game.

Nothing works. I find this peculiar, as I never used to miss my mark. Something has changed, probably about a week ago?

I have faith that it will be fixed. I know the game is in alpha. I LOVE! this game.

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I deleted the folder "The Long Dark" - Re-installed the game, and started over. That fixed the problem for me.

Incase the devs see this and want to know, I use windows 7 professional - and just an ordinary Microsoft mouse with all of the settings in the mouse properties turned off. Maybe because I don't allow other programs to take control of my mouse (option in the mouse settings) - that may have had something to do with my mouse not working when fighting wolves or shooting the rifle. The sounds worked - but not the actions.

Also, I hope it is fine that I posted about this issue here, on this page. I saw someone else experiencing some of the same things I was and thought it would be a good place to post.

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Reinstalling fixed what problem exactly?

I also no longer can get the front and rear sights to line up (since a a few updates ago as mentioned). However I have been able to successfully hit three times recently (after many manual reloads) by aiming the front sight at the chest area of a wolf (aim the tiniest bit high in pilgrim mode since they never get close). The rear sight is still well above the silhouette but I can't find a way to align the top of both front and rear sight like I remember them doing before (while crouched and trying to aim).

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