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Alan Lawrance

Your Game Debug Logs

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The game generates a debug log each time you play. This can be very useful for the dev team to diagnose problems, especially crashes.

If you ever encounter a crash or the game becomes unresponsive, please report it to our Public Bug Database with as much detail as possible, and attach the debug log. 

On a PC

The log is written to the data directory for the game. For Steam, this would look like:

On a Mac

For Mac, the debug log is written to:

Note that ~ above is your home folder (little house icon).

It's possible the Library folder will be hidden. You can make it show up by typing the following into Terminal: 
chflags nohidden ~/Library


The debug log gets overwritten each time you play, so remember to send it along before starting up the game again.

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Are we allowed to attach logs (zipped) to posts? Otherwise it could be a mess to upload every time to a host, and they're not really that big (5k).

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