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Sorry if these have been suggested already, but the idea of scanning 32 pages of ideas is a bit daunting :)

I thought it would be great if I could pack my jacket with the news papers I found, like a hobo would. This is a real way to increase warmth that would certainly be used in outdoor situation., that and perhaps foraging for pine tree branches or something to do similar.

on the pine tree thing, being able to forage for bedding, if you (like me once) inadvertently get stuck without a bedroll somewhere.

From the hunters, it would be great to have those kerosene hand/pocket warmers that you could load up and light (using a starter) and put in your pockets to increase your warmth level (like cup of tea or coffee).

As an Eagle scout I've really be enjoying the outdoor skills stuff, and inclusion of oddities like a magnifying glass (which it's never been clear enough for me to get to use). Perhaps some of this stuff does exist, but I haven't found it, if so, I look forward to being excited at finding it.

If I can find a shovel (I haven't but see on in the title screen, and if there isn't there should be!) I should be able to dig pits and put in wood (that I've sharpened with a knife or axe) to make deer and wolf pits.

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I like the way you think, we have discussed multiple layers of clothes, however these would be useful between a harsher conditions except the beginning of the game.

I do believe there are more space to experiment in voyager mode too with the weather, maybe worth the hours invested in development if Hinterland can solve these "minor" suggestion in a way what makes you think what should you do to avoid freezing.

(I do not think it would add much to the game if you can find a button on everything, maybe if we would have an Inventory UI where you can see your equipped items and worn clothes, and instead of a button you should pull an item to another to "combine" them, like the newspaper on your jacket for example, this is just an idea, how they may avoid making buttons everywhere)

Keep the ideas coming!

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