[Mac|.v0.5] Issues with load screens and dying


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First time, I was down from Alan's Cave and was searching the carcass of a Stag, and while I was searching, I got a wolf attack, and died in this attack. I then got the screen saying "You died from Blood loss yadda yadda" and at this point, I had a loop of the Wold Shaking its head as if it was ravaging me. I thought I got a screen Shot but realised I didn't because none of the keys worked.

It was like a 3 second loop of animation of the Wolf Attacking, with the *You Died Msg* and none of the keys worked, I couldn't quit out of the game, I couldn't Esc then Quit out of the game, I couldn't do a single thing, and had to Force Quit the TLD.app from another Desktop.

2nd one, happened (Grrr on a 11 day run) and I just got up from sleep in Trappers Cabin, Ate, drank bringing my thirst and hunger down, went to the door and clicked it, and I got the black loading screen and thats all I got. It loaded for 10mins, before I tried to Quit the game, and the same thing as above, no keys worked, and had to again, Force Quit to be able to get out of it.

3rd time, I was going from full screen to Windowed and the game screen turned Grey for about 10seconds and then was fine. I then quit the game from there, but the issue going from Full Screen to not full screen.


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