Episode Four - Steam Puzzle Walkthrough ** SPOILERS **

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Hi Community,

Some players reported that they were unable to open the Control Room door after the ice thawed while solving the Steam Pipe puzzle. If you encountered issues with this puzzle, please read on for a quick walkthrough. 

For information about Hotfix v1.97 [85101], please click HERE.


1 - Beginning at the first set of pipes, turn the valves in the order shown below:



2 - Turn back the way you came, opening this valve to allow the steam to melt the pipes in the main junction:



3 - Once open, follow the newly defrosted pipe to the second pipe puzzle and follow the steps below to proceed:



4 - Now that the steam is flowing, navigate through the leaking pipes and open a previously frozen valve here:



5 - You should now be able to melt the ice on the door in the main junction:



6 - Proceed through this door and turn the first valve you find:



7 - Going forward, remember to follow the pipes through which steam is flowing. They should be rumbling with pressure and easy to differentiate from inert pipes. Now follow the pipe you just opened and stop the leak you find here:



8 - After a bit of crawling and walking, as you follow the rumbling pipes through the tunnels, you should find yourself in front of a locked door. Turn this valve to proceed:



9 - The last step is to return to the main junction and head toward the control room where you’ll find the final valve in the corner. Turning this will defrost the door and unlock it, completing the Steam Tunnel puzzle.


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