Some bugs


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Hope be helpful:

1) yesterday in coastal higway i had a fire outside. In the middle of cooking a wolf attack me, stop cooking combat and at the end i win. I put more wood on fire but time of fire remain 9 minutes.. have to esc and reload

After some gameplay in the same point (the house near the lake with another house closed and one destroyed) i had my 4 fire camp i kill 3 wolves..always they attack me wile cooking and after entering end re exit from house they 4 firecamp remain, the dead wolves no.

2) Fliyng tree near the big house in the new map. Have a picture, not in this pc, if need i will post it.

3) Same new map, at the end of the road on the left with mountain at my back. Walking into the river on my left the bear.

He was 10 meters more or less, i shoot him, he start run into the forest but like timewarp he disapper and immediatly found him 3 meters in front of me..time for the second shot..but he attak me.

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