Can Carcasses stop despawning


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I Just hunted a bear and almost died, I made a campfire to heat up and take care of my wounds right next to the carcass then, i took some time to heal, about 5 - 7 days (I had worms too) Then i tried to find that carcass wich was very important to me beacause i almost lost 100 interlopper days for it and when i found the camfire that was next to the carcass (the exact same) the carcass was no longer there... 

I would like to have a patch that makes carcasses stay in the map for at least 50 days if not fully havested, it dosent makes sense that a 100 pound bear disapear in -30 temeratures after 7 days, or maybe something bigger ate it like bigfoot ?! 


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Quartering yields bags that decay (in Pilgrim which is the only reference I have) about 2% per day.  So in something less than 50 days or so, since the bags do not typically start at 100% and bag condition matches that of the meat contents, the bags would disappear as their meat contents reach ruined (0%) condition. The bear hide and guts would have still been there but degrading in condition until cured. 

Everyone has to make their own decision, but I would think If one has to leave a carcass then harvest as much as one dares - the meat, hide, and guts - and drop it all in the snow.  All to be retrieved later.  A carcass despawning in about 72 hours after the animal dies has been the case for years.  The meat, hide, and guts, even in ruined condition, will persist long after the carcass would have disappeared. 

Too bad about the bear. 

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4 minutes ago, odizzido said:

I would like it if other animals had to eat that bear for it so disappear. It would require a rework of how the game and animals work though.

Not exactly we could have exactly like deers and wolves, ravaged carcases. If you leave the dead animal too long unsupervised it will become a ravaged carcass, you will still be able to collect the hide most of the guts but not the meat 

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