Co-op seems to be at the top of the list for the near future.

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention some details I just noticed on the Hinterland website. They are currently hiring for a position called "Systems Designer (CO-OP, ONLINE, NEW IP)" The job description says this role is for an unannounced project. They must be familiar and have experience with creating co-op survival gaming experiences. Take a look at the position listing here:

I am excited and happy to hear that Hinterland is aiming to make our wishes come true! Soon enough we will be able to be alone... together! Who knows what kinds of doors this will open for the future of the game! I am still holding out for a Battle Royale mode lol. What are your thoughts?

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Thanks for finding and sharing this, I wonder if this is known by the community yet, it should spark a lot (a loooooooooot) of discussion. 

I'm really curious how Hinterland is going to solve this. Is it doable with our current sandbox? Great Bear has grown a lot and it likely wasn't constructed with co-op in mind. It could be that they're planning a separate sandbox world with different rules where co-op is one. 

This is probably a few years ahead. If we stick with the notion that they'll introduce co-op in TLD and not a completely new game, we have a truly interesting time ahead.

Congrats to all of you who longed for this!


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I dont think this is for the long dark, I remember rafael sharing thoughts about new games ideas + They dont plan on continuing updating the game for free after wintermute is completed, so they will probably continue on developping some dlc's for the long dark on the side and start developping a new game. i dont see how we could have a coop mode without breaking the game or modifying it completely.

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This could be for a future title.

That said even if they put in a poorly made coop for TLD it's still going to be fun. I can't think of a single game that has been made worse by having coop in it, not even deadspace with magical teleporting mule isacc who warps all over the place, disappears for the cutscenes, and was just stuffed in there without a thought. The laziest hack jobs, as long as they work on a technical level, are good.

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This is surely not for TLD. They are working on something else as well.

Besides, ... whenever the discussion of multiplayer pops up again, I think "don't people think about the game mechanics?"

TLD is a single player game, that puts the player in a model world, where one has to survive. In this model world actions take time. In-game time is faster than real time, but still, the player can chose to engage in actions, that take a long real time. Or better said, that would take a long real time, if it wasn't for an additional time speed up during these actions. Eg sleeping 10 in-game hours, doesn't take 2 real time hours, but just 10 seconds. Now, if TLD was a multiplayer game and one player goes to sleep while another player is doing some stuff, which does not speed up in-game time, what would the player with the sleeping chracter do? Wait 2 real time hours? Wait for the server to send an message to the smartphone, that their char woke up again?

Or in another way of dealing with this, both players would always have to engage in the same action. Sleep at the same time, harvest the same branch, harvest the same carcas and for that always be close by.

The current game mechanics don't work with multiplayer. And if they were made to work with multiplayer, the game probably would not be fun anymore.

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