Archery target practice to gain skill!

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Would be cool if we could gain archery skill for using the target behind the Pleasant Valley barn.  You would have to be a certain distance away and hit the bullseye and maybe get like 50% of the skill you would normally get for a wildlife hit.  Then outer rings would give a percentage less as it expands out.  Would be a nice little quality of life extra for TLD.  I already do this now when bored, I have a line of sticks I have to stand behind when shooting!






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It's a logical suggestion and it works well with quite a few other games. However, you can already level up archery fairly quickly so I don't see the need for this. Even with a low skill increase it would be a high reward for no risk whatsoever. That said, you will still improve your ability to slay wildlife (though not the skill itself) by practicing hitting the bullseye at various distances :)

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Well of course there's no "need" for it, it's just a bonus little mini-game you could do when bored. A new player that accidentally discovers it during normal game play would be impressed and think it was cool that the developers put something extra like that in and wonder what other surprises there might be. There are countless needless little extras in games like RDR2 which are there to add to the experience. The stone age sniper achievement is also needless but I have still spent hours trying to get it!

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I find that the best thing to practice your archery skills is to use the carcass 
of one of your recent kills...

You can practice either close precision shots or long distance ranged shots.  Either way, you are rewarded with a 
satisfying "thunk" sound and sometimes you even get a blood spray effect!



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9 hours ago, cristianze said:

it could work like some books that only let you level up for the firsts skill levels 

That's a neat idea. If you can't find any skill books for archery early on you can always just go to the dartboard to level up from 1 to 2 and no more. But you'd have to stand at some distance rather than just walk up right in front of the board and spray it with arrows.

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