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I would like to have the option to drop the backpack with the press of a button. Handy when facing a bear or wolf or when one is about to die 20 meters from the shelter. All that stays on the character are the worn clothes and maybe two items which can be attached to the "belt" (like a knife).

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I've requested this exact same thing in the past myself, and also suggested 5 inventory slots apart from your backpack. These items are part of your inventory in terms of weight, scent, and accessing them via the radial. However they are stored on your person instead of in your pack. (In a pocket, tucked into a waistband, slung over a shoulder, etc.) Your Drop Pack hotkey would create a backpack object on the ground where you're standing. It would contain your entire inventory plus moosehide satchel if you have one. Any other worn clothing or accessory, anything currently equipped, or items in your 5 personal slots remains with you. You would be unable to holster a weapon if you have no open personal slots available. You would have to drop it, free up a personal slot, then pick it up. Same as if you had a gun in your hand and had no empty pockets.

And to address the issue of players exploiting this to get around storage limitations of certain bases, you can only have one such backpack in the game at any given time. It isn't a searchable container, it's a single object you pick up and it restores all the items to your inventory all at once. After dropping your pack your inventory is completely unusable except for those 5 personal slots, or what you're carrying in your hand. If you've forgotten where you left your pack, or ditched it in an inaccessible place, you would need to click an "Abandon Pack" button in your inventory. This removes that backpack from the game, along with all of its contents. Your inventory is then freed up, as it's assumed you just picked up another pack from somewhere.

Oh...and it would remember if you had the Technical Backpack. So if you drop your pack and can't retrieve it, that upgrade is gone for good.

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I have thought about something similar... undressing all my clothes with one click so i can go through the waterfall. But after thinking about it.... TLD makes every action deliberate. You need to deliberately choose to unclothe. You need to deliberately choose what weapon to grab to fight off the wolf.... and so on. Everything takes time and if you are in a time sensitive situation (10% condition and about to die)  then you have to make a choice about what you will do.  Taking a backpack off should cost you time and the wolf will be on you in an instant, so it should cost you. Take it off too early and you dont have the crowbar in your hand. Too late and the wolf is on you. But running for your life to a cabin when you are about to die is a good reason for dropping the pack. Cost you some time and all your food, water, medicine left outside while you stagger inside to run to a bed. If you are bleeding and no bandage found inside you are done for. A good emergency decision in my opinion. Wrong decision leads to TLD.


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