Things I thought about playing the game


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-When you rest in cars you should get the bonus from your "Bedroll" if you have one.

-I cant see any change in temperatur with flares and the storm lantern when sitting in cars freezing my ass off?

-Wolfs shouldn't patrolling the same area over and over. They should running around much more random hunting for food. I hate to see 3 to 5 in the ice patrolling the same areas on the ice. Its artificial. There should be places where they can hide in snowstorms or they have young cups to feed. You should rarely encounter one in a snowstorm.

-White snow is very clean and therefor safe to drink without boiling. Old toilet water is not!

-We need serious animal tracks. And if we have them they are not clear enough. Tracks should first vanish in a snowstorm. Animals except rapids should wander around in a pattern for human looks random. They could have a duty for the day and make the world more alive.

Simon DK

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