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4 hours ago, ChillPlayer said:

I have only one wish: remove the smell of cooked meat. It used to be in previous versions that predators only reacted if you had raw meat on you, which is fine. But killing an animal now means that you need to stay where you are until you've eaten all the meat it provided or let it go to waste. Or at the very least, only have animals track you if the smell indicator shows at least one bar. In it's current state wolves in the vicinity will start tracking you if you only have a tiny bit of meat on you without the indicator showing anything. This would allow travel with 1-2kg of cooked meat and a full stomach, extending the exploration time by at least a day.

But as said, this is the very least - I'd prefer to have the mechanic reverted back to only raw meat and limit it to the area immediately around you. Otherwise the smell mechanic can be and is heavily abused. I can pack myself full of meat/guts until 3 bars are displayed, stand on a ledge and rest/sleep for 12h - predators of half the map will come to me, ready to be turned into dinner.

yeah the smell o meter is extremely sensitive these days.  I'm at the point that I just don't carry any meat, cooked or uncooked, when I am out and about doing other activities beside hunting.  It does make gameplay a bit more challenging as now I have to pay lots more attention to food items providing the most calories by weight.  It does force a player however to set up multiple base locations or caches were meat can be stored.  I guess that's what they figured the rock caches would come in hand for.  With 5 such caches allowed per map and with the random backpack and assorted containers strewn about the area, I found it a doable work around for now.

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3 hours ago, WillemD said:

I wish I could turn down the volume of waterfalls, so that living inside a cave near a waterfall becomes an option.

yeah, the ambient noise can be a little deafening but your gonna have to deal with it unfortunately.  considering you can turn down the sound of waterfall IRL this is just one of those instances where you gotta just turn down the volume in your game.  sorry...

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