Flares and other light sources


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If you stand with a active flare no wild animal would dear attack you. Not even a bear. They should as fast as they could run far away scared for there own lives. The only creature that would attack you in your face regardless of anything other then a active flamethrower would be a Xenomorph. You shouldn't have to throw it for getting the reaction for it to flee. That would be the right way for a single wolf to behave. We could make a exception if there is more then 1 or 2. They would still not attack but they wouldn't flee ether. They just run around you waiting to see what happens.The flares should and have a long burn time. Make them more rare in game if this setup is to powerful. Same with torch only with shorter burn time and longer ignite time.

You cant use flares and pull a sled ad the same time.

We also need flashlights and batteries.

Candles would also be nice. There should be a restriction for how much light is needed for crafting. If its pits black and you have no light source you shouldn't have the ability to make anything.

Over and out.

Simon DK

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