Vanishing water [Switch]

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Several times now, when attempting to transfer potably water from a container into my inventory, I have opened the sub-menu for the water transfer itself, and pressed Y to transfer all. Some percentage of the time, the water simply vanishes. I've had it happen with as little as a liter, and as much as 10 liters.


Edit: Can now confirm it's vanishing sometimes from all sources, even straight out of the pot I boiled it in.

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3 minutes ago, lore-nmj said:

My game on Linux does this too. I sent a saved game and screenshot along with a bug report just now.

Update on this.. if I transfer the water from the screen that shows all items it does transfer from a storage container. If I do the sort or only show food/water items then transfer it.. poof! gone.

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Same as yours on Windows version @lore-nmj I just moved all using Move all. Then I tried the circle for drinking. The water was in the circle for selection. I though huh whats that, water was not moved. Checkec my inventory, no water. Checked the container and water was there. Moved the water only back to inventory an puff. No water at all to drink. 

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Oh yes, I had this Issue several times with containers. I play on Win10/Steam.

Locations where this happened:

- Pleasent Valley, Community Center, fridge and/or freezer (sometimes)
- Pleasant Valley, Farmstead, fridge and/or freezer (sometimes)
- Timberwolf Mountain, Mountaineers Hut, hatch (always)

It did not happen with other containers, like the 200kg cabinet in the Community Center kitchen or cabinets in the Farmstead. I easily lost 50 L of water due to this bug and now resided to store water only on the ground.

Also, maybe related, sometimes when I stored water in the 40kg cabinet at one of the Farmsteads entrances, when I moved additional water to the cabinet, on top of what was already in it, it displayed two "items" of water. Eg 20.5 L of water and the additional 1.85 L of water I just moved into it. And yes, it was all potable water. When I selected "Move all to inventory" it moved all 22.35 L of water into the inventory and showed it as one "item". Moving that back to the cabinet made it show up correctly as one "item" of 22.35 L water.

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