The Long Dark Drought - A Custom Challenge

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"Surrounded by snow, and nothing to drink"

The geomagnetic storm has contaminated all the snow. Even when boiled, drinking it causes instant death.
To quench your thirst, you must scrounge food and drink, drain toilets, and make use of the magical Aqua Pur tablets.

How long will you survive?

In this custom challenge, the goal is to survive for as long as possible without boiling water. Snow can be melted for use with Aqua Pur tablets, but otherwise water must be scrounged from toilets, food and drink. Suddenly we have to pay attention to how food affects your thirst!

I'm playing a normal Stalker-level survival game, and starting in Mountain Town region - Milton has LOTS of toilets ;)

PS I am using the Linux version of The Long Dark - Thank you Hinterland for supporting Linux!


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