ep4 did mckenzie forget some things? ep4 spoilers

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did he get hit in the head rly hard or something?

seems he forgot how to craft a bear bedroll, bear jacket, moose jacket, moose satchel, and so on...

did that happen on purpose?

i hunted both elchs on west side just to find out that i can't craft neither of the elch things... yes at least one is to be found but still...

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He’s got his original clothing, too. Well, some of it anyway. At first I thought I hadn’t loaded the correct saved game. I’m guessing certain things from Chapter 2 didn’t carry over. I always try to send them off with the best equipment at the end of a chapter. LOL. Oh well. New play style required for me.

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Posted (edited)

pretty disappointed tbh

not about the episode itself

fresh, polished and very nicely animated


my "mac" left mystery lake with all available crafted clothing and 45 kg of equipment, since "they" leave you without hats, coats and gloves... i expected to have at least the pants left


and in addition

can't craft moose and bear gear


especially when there are bears and moose around....

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Agreed about starting with the default clothes... We should have kept the items they don't take away while frisking (boots, shirts, pants, socks, and long johns). I find starting with clothes I haven't seen in ages kind of breaks the immersion a bit.

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about a knife/hatchet


if you leave the prison, once you clear the barbed wire topped fence, turn left 90°, there is a power pole on top of a small hill, at its base there is a knife

next pole in line has a hatchet btw...

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