The wind can kill my fire, Why cant i build a shelter.


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Most spots on the map when your caught outside in one of the many unpredictable multi storms are exposed to the elements.

There are no pine trees in Canada to climb under !?

rock out copings are rare.

so unless you can navigate to some shelter your dead because the fire blows out ( rightfully so )

Might be difficult to do in game but in that situation you would improvise a shelter from what ever was around. Pine bows, snow on top of your sleeping bag, making a wind block from the snow for your fire.

Even getting up against rocks to block the wind is difficult in game because its picky to where it will let you build a fire.

Just some thoughts.,,,

I died after putting 5 hrs of logs on the fire to find out that much wood is good for 9 min in a storm. So really there is nothing i could do in game but wait and die.

No way to wear multiple layers or double up sleeping bags..... oh and some how my pants broke.. not sure when but apparently i was running getting jumped by wolves in the buff.... good thing no one was around.... i don't know if i could explain that... PETA would have something to say about it.

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But if you are caught in one of those famous 0 vis blizzards that just pops up its not likely your going to make it to one. especially if your out exploring the map


Drop stuff to move faster if encumbered.

Have a healthy sense of direction always or you are totally gonna be a snowman within minutes.

Look for spots near to cliffs where you can see the "Warmer" icon appearing on your screen, and try to build a fire there.

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Look for spots near to cliffs where you can see the "Warmer" icon appearing on your screen, and try to build a fire there.

And when you finally have your fire going, the wind changes direction and blows it out again.

Yeah, I would also seek shelter along a cliff or something, but I'd also build a little wall around my fire on the side that is open. Not just as a wind break, but also as a heat reflector.

I don't know why the "build a snow shelter" option was removed from the game, but I'd like the option to build some form of shelter again. Especially on a map like PV where shelters can be far apart. Yes there are a lot of caves, like Hylander said, but those are all around the edges of the map. If you get caught in a blizzard in the middle of the map and you get disoriented you want to have such an option. Especially if you don't know the map yet and are still exploring it.

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You always build you shelter in optimal conditions, because building them otherwise is a huge pain. Trying to put up a tent in low visibility is hard enough, but now you want to "make" a shelter during terrible conditions. Good luck with that.

We need to be able to make little pup tents out of hides and sticks. Basically a lean-to deflect the wind and put a little something over our heads. Weather conditions start to decline, we put it up. Have it give a modifier for wind chill and a slight modifier for temp. If caught in a bad situation, the ability to dig a snow cave into a hillside would offer more protection and you only need you body heat to keep it "warm". If you wait until the weather become crappy to seek shelter, you are already a snowman... you just don't know it yet.

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