Raph speaking today at Game Developers' Conference!

Ryan CM

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Now having read raphs speech, I must say I'm torn in different directions.

Pretty interesting fact that only 12% of all players actually play stalker, and most voyager, and tho mostly the 12% hardcore players give feedback.

For me this means, these are ppl who really are into the game and stress it.

So on the one side, ppl with much experience and a sense for complex problematics, on the other hand, a group of people who share the same values, not very representative for the whole player base.

As said several times before, I'm very glad hinterland stays focused and is pretty conscious about oppinions and their goal, as there are ridiculous ideas around often.

Trusted them in the past, will support them in the future. Amen

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It was a bit tricky but I found a short article about it here : http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/3/8139699 ... s-gdc-2015

Maybe you are referring to this?

The forum is a pretty nice surface to get the mentioned information, use the "Members" button to check out what you are interested about. :D You can see that from ~7500 migrated kickstarter users, there are only 1-200 active members at the moment.

But you can filter from it much more consequences than I just brought up for an example.

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