What am I missing? How do I turn on the storm lamp?

Sunset Wolf

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I've made sure that it is full of fuel and in good condition, just can't figure out how to light it. I can equip it, set it down, etc..

Someone please tell me how to actually get the lamp to give me light, so I can feel silly for not figuring it out. :|

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Sunset Wolf,

Just to add a bit to what Majales just said, you need to hold the left mouse button down for a few seconds. An ignitor will start to flicker a bit, but wait until the lamp is fully lit before you take your finger off the left mouse button.

You'll be able to clearly both see and hear when the lamp is actually working. (In fact, it seems to me that there may be a progress bar at the bottom of the screen--but, if so, I don't even notice it anymore, even though I don't use the storm lamp very often!)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.