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Hi lads. I'm wondering if you can use a keyboard and mouse on ps4, I just bought one and I'm trying to play tld on it but It doesn't react, it says on ps4 it's plugged and it works on other games but it doesn't on tld. Is there a way to play tld on ps4 with a keyboard and mouse? If so please tell me

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29 minutes ago, mattin said:

hello, I created account specially to ask same question but on XBOX series. I purchased TLD in 2014 in early access but recently want play on XBOX with KD and mouse - is it possible ?

You could on the 360 but don't know about newer models! Have you asked Microsoft. They have expert players who know pretty much everything you need to know!

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I thought about XBOX Series S|X , not old 360. Not asked MS, bacause they dodn't developed TLD, Hinterlands did so from that side I ask. Particular dev studio decide or not to implement code to support (or not) particular devices (like KB and mouse in this case) So still don't know if can be played with KB and mouse....

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