Blackrock Prison and Perseverance Mills on Great Bear Island Map

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Hi! This is my first writing attempt in forums so ı am a bit excited😅 I read the forums for a while and ı learn a lot from you for my pilgrim player Astrid😬

I prefer survival more than story mode but ı wonder where will this epic story go and how it ends. So ı read a lot of topics and comments in here, wiki and reddit and ı have little theories. So there will be spoiler for all wintermute episodes.

Now we know that in episode 4 we play as Will in new region blackrock prison and ı guess episode 5 we will play both of them but in episode 3 astrid finished in CH and way much further than Will in the map (He is in Carter Dam)

But ı guess first chapter in episode 4, Will wakes up in Blackrock Prison with Mathis and he told us how they reach BP in a flashback scene (cause there will be about 60 minutes cinematic scenes) 

As we saw in September Dev Diary poster and for its name BP map has higher than other region (??higher than TWM or MT??) and it places right of WR and PV. In the poster Will is near the fireplace and we see the highest mountain below. When we look at the GReat Bear Map we saw the mountains right of PM and above CH. So my guess is BP connects with WR, CH, TWM/AC? And Perseverance Mills.(PM) If BP connects with AC maybe we can go to gold mine or mining camp (for prisoners) as mainquest or sidequest and it will be amazing because AC has so much potential places for sidequests, excellent rope bridges and beautiful vistas)

So when episode 4 ends ı guess Will is gonna be end of BP and he will go CH or PM and in episode 5 they met in PM Soo I added the map with my guess and ı hope you enjoy 🙃

Lastly sorry for my english ıf ı’m mistaken and ı research some topics for episode 4 and 5 theories/guess but ı didnt see much about maps and transition regions and ı decide to create new topic sorry ıf ıt was written before)

D12BDA7410E7218155B618E5C034672DCEDD772F 2.jpeg

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for one of the most intriguing first posts of all time. I would surely enjoy playing the episode 4-5 narrative that you suggest, or guess, rather. AC for sidequests would be cool 😃 A few thoughts below:

You seem to be up to date with the news feed, do we know that we only play as Will in ep 4? If not I suppose it's possible that we play as both. 

While I don't see anything wrong with your map location prediction, would it in your opinion be equally possible that Blackrock region is located north of Pleasant Valley as others have suggested? Meaning Perseverance Mills would be further north from BP. It seems likely that BP neighbors either ML or Coastal Highway, as that's where we left off Will and Astrid. I'm thinking it's an obvious 50/50 but perhaps I've missed some clues. 

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@manolitodethanks🙂firstly maybe ı misunderstood from DevDiary that we will play as only Will in episode 4 cause ı like playing as Will more than Astrid in Wintermute and ı’m ok playing both🙃

And for map…firstly ı guess that BP neighbors ML and maybe we can past ravine with new tricky bridge stuff (maybe an eartquake like episode 3) but i think we should not see ML or PV again so ı thought that we can past WR and goes to BP 

But recording to Jeremiah and Father Thomes says PM must be further north like you said thanks again☺️

Thank you @Leeanda

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I think your Blackrock prison location may be right. The prisoners bus was heading east from Mountain Town. The Pleasant Valley map seems to be 90° rotated. So the road from south to north is in fact east-west road.

But I think the Perseverance Mills is located north from Blackrock Prison. There could be one long transition from the Blackrock Prison north around the Ash Canyon leading to place NE from Mountain town.

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I feel like Blackrock Prision will be located between Milton and Pleasant Valley, north of Mystery Lake. The big peak appearing on the teasers seems to relate to that big peak in the map just above "Mystery".




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We finally learn the location of BP in 12-13 days but thinking of there is only one episode left in Wintermute, ı wanna go east of map not play around in the middle. Beside that there is a cone theory that BP is the highest region in middle of Great Bear and Hushed River Valley, Ash Canyon and Timberwolf Mountain are close to each other (which is cool)

So excited for episode 4!!!

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