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EPISODE FOUR LAUNCHES FALL 2021, KEY ART & TITLE REVEAL   Hello everyone!   The long wait is nearly over. Today we reveal the key art and title for Episode Four of The Long Dar

😀 Thx... so excited!

Because of the debris you won't be able to go through that tunnel. Unless of course they introduce the holy handgrenade. Crafted from scrap metal, 2 sticks, gunpowder and a lock of hair beard from fat

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I can't wait...uh...., but to be honest I think I'll have to wait until episode 5 is our and just start over from the beginning so I can play all the way through and get the whole experience at once.

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4 hours ago, Kranium said:

I'm hoping it's accessible via Broken Railroad. But that's just because it's my current fave spot for long-term basecamp. Could have a 2nd connection to Mountain Town or Bleak Inlet that way.

Glad I'm not the only one who likes broken railroad!

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43 minutes ago, Stinky socks said:

I thought broken railroad is sort of end of the line map? It's on the edge of the map.

I'd think not, not without a transition region... though being able to say climb down into that river ravine on the western edge of BR and travelling north up that river through a transition region say around MT to HRV via its valley landslide at the very 'bottom' of its map would be super super cool.

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Is there any chance Blackrock Mountain is NOT located between Mountain Town and Pleasant Valley ?

Let's not forget the crashed prison transport bus from Episode 1. That tunnel most likely lead to Blackrock Mountain.


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I still haven't finished Ep.3 lol. I've been gone from the community and game for quite a while because I discovered I prefer faced paced shooters. Which is quite on the opposite end of the spectrum from a slow paced survival game.

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