High GPU usage Inside building


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Windows 7 SP1 fully updated

Nvidia 560 GTX with last driver WHQL, cleaned and well cooled.

8 go ram

The game plays rock solid in ultra, no slow down, no freeze, very soft, every thing is fine.

However I noticed a GPU peak (high usage percentage, very high temperature, fan goes crazy) exclusively when I go inside a building, and specially with a light source like fire/lantern.

I have the feeling that the volumetric lighting causes the issue.

In exterior, with clean weather, when we can see the other edge of the map, there are no such gpu crazyness

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Can you tell what your framerate is when this high GPU utilization takes place?

When you're outdoors, the game has a CPU bottleneck, which leaves the GPU under-utilized. Indoors the CPU usage is typically very low, so the game will run at a higher framerate and use more of the GPU.

So GPU utilization is expected to be higher indoors (for now at least with Unity 4.x).

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I always play with Vsync activated to avoid this effect (since a lot of games have it). so it can't get higher than 60 fps for my monitor.

At the moment, I even use a fps limiter to 40 fps (with nvidia inspector), and I still get the high gpu utilization effect.

The worst place is the gas station in CH, in the main room, I just checked:

Constant 40fps (same as outdoor) and gpu locked to 99% (for 65/66% outdoor , still)

It's totally playable however, but, that doesnt sound "normal"

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