Your working day-song?

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Hi there people of TlD,

Even though I'm kinda procrastinating here now,

Gotta write stuff for uni and just made some coffee and started playing my favourite tune to start a day full of work.

Thats usually how it goes and I'm sure for many of you. Just started asking myself what are your rituals and what songs do you hear to start off such a day? :)

I'm curious and waiting for your replies!

So long, my working day-song:

[bBvideo 560,340:25t2s0cr]


It's energetic itself already, and my body immediately knows "Its oooon!"

Cheers and have a good day!

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Good old Aphex, always a nice choice :D

Good taste!

However mine is a bit strange, I usually find myself sticking to this song, not many of you may share my feelings for this, but I have my reasons.

[bBvideo 560,340:1whgpunn]


Although in electronic music I do believe Ltj. Bukem is the master.

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My day typically starts, ends and is filled with all songs from this band:

[bBvideo 560,340:v05ieod9]


For almost a year now I rarely listen to any other band, not even dear ones like Cannibal Corpse or Darkest Hour. Can't spell it out what it is that draws me so much to Whitechapel, but it's what keeps me going all day long :twisted:

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