Wolves - My first triple Achievement needed

Orwell 1984

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Day 99:

Made it to day 99

18:12 Wolf attack!

18:13 Experiencing significant blood loss.

18:13 At risk for infected wound.

18:14 Wolf attack!

18:15 Experiencing significant blood loss.

18:15 At risk for infected wound.

18:18 Wolf attack!

19:10 Not Encumbered

19:10 Encumbered

19:14 Ate Venison (Cooked).

19:15 Ate Venison (Cooked).

19:16 Ate Venison (Cooked).

19:20 Drank 0.25 L potable water.

19:21 Went to sleep.

06:43 Dehydrated

07:22 Woke up after sleeping 12 hours 1 minute

I fear no more of those fluffy bro's, I need one to be my pitty pet.

I need an achievement with 10% chance that wolves flee on sight.


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